Born in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1874, George Eyster Senseney was one of America’s premier color printmakers.  His  color etchings are in many major art collections in the United States and Europe.  George Eyster Senseney’s career spanned the turn of the twentieth century and include copper plate etchings, oil paintings, and many other artistic media.  Besides being a prolific artist, George Eyster Senseney was an art instructor and paper maker.
George Eyster Senseney attended the Corcoran School of Art  (Georgetown).  He taught etching at the prestigious Art Students League in New York from 1906-1907.  He then spent several years in France and in 1911 became a member of the Societé des Graveurs Original en Couleurs, one of only two non-French members.

George Eyster Senseney moved to Chicago where he established the New School of Art with Frederick Fursman.  In 1915, he was elected President of the Chicago Society of Etchers.   Also in 1915, he  earned a silver medal for etching at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. George Eyster Senseney moved to New England in 1917 where he began four years of teaching Art and Design at Smith College.  Eventually he left teaching to work in the paper industry for many years. After a prolonged illness, he passed away in 1943 at age 69 leaving a wife and one son.

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In 2007, George Eyster Senseney’s great grandson: Erik George Senseney began an effort to preseve and restore the families collection of George Eyster Senseney’s work.  In the families collection were several copper etching plates which have been be re-printed and are offered for sale.  Please help us restore his works by purchasing one of our limited edition high quality prints.

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This website was created by Erik Senseney and James Mellor as a platform to aid in the preservation of the works of George Eyster Senseney. It is the Senseney family's dream to be able to display his art in galleries worldwide as his contributions to the art community and print industry are immeasurable.

Erik is the great grandson of George Eyster Senseney and is a printmaker, photographer and artist. His work can be viewed at

James is the husband of the great granddaughter of George Eyster Senseney and is a photographer, artist and web designer. His work can be viewed at