All prints are printed using the original copper plate etchings (with the exception of “George Eyster Senseney c. 1915”). The etchings were made by George Eyster Senseney in the years between 1890 and 1930 and are a combination of hard ground, spit bite and other encaustic etching methods. 

The plates have been lightly retsored at the prestigious Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut by the Master Printmaker Anthony Kirk.  All images are printed on high quality paper using period correct methods and fade resistant oil based inks. 

Please note: The actual color and tone of the print will vary throughout the edition. 
Satisfaction is guarranteed. 


This website was created by Erik Senseney and James Mellor as a platform to aid in the preservation of the works of George Eyster Senseney. It is the Senseney family's dream to be able to display his art in galleries worldwide as his contributions to the art community and print industry are immeasurable.

Erik is the great grandson of George Eyster Senseney and is a printmaker, photographer and artist. His work can be viewed at

James is the husband of the great granddaughter of George Eyster Senseney and is a photographer, artist and web designer. His work can be viewed at