George Eyster (Ice-ster) Senseney (Sen-sen-ee) is considered the first American master color printmaker.  During his prolific career he was a celebrated artist with international acclaim.  This website has been develeloped for three separate, yet equally important, purposes that are designed to preserve the work of George Eyster Senseney.  

First, we hope to spread awareness of his formidable body of work through this website. His artistic influence was instrumental in the career of many great American artists.  His achievements and art should be recognized for the important contribution that they made in making the United States a recognised force in the art world. 

Second, we hope to sell images created by George Eyster Senseney’s great- grandson that have been reprinted from original etchings.  The proceeds from these limited edition fine art prints will go towards preserving existing art in the families collection. The ultimate purpose of these efforts will be to create an exhibition of George Eyster’s work that will eventually go on loan to a museum.  

Finally, we hope that this website brings together the owners of remaining undiscovered works of art that exist throughout the United States and Europe.  Through this effort we hope to gather images that can be used in a catalog of the artists work and eventually publish a retrospective that will encompass the whole of George Eyster Senseney’s career.

If you have an image, or just an interest in George Eyster Senseney, we urge you to contact us.  We are searching for donations of original art, funding for preservation, and any photographs of existing art that can provide any information that will help us document the career of George Eyster Senseney: American pioneer of color printmaking. 

One artist, one plate, one family, two printmakers, 100 years. 

"The Footbridge"
-Erik Senseney, 2010
"The Footbridge"
-George Eyster Senseney, c.1900


This website was created by Erik Senseney and James Mellor as a platform to aid in the preservation of the works of George Eyster Senseney. It is the Senseney family's dream to be able to display his art in galleries worldwide as his contributions to the art community and print industry are immeasurable.

Erik is the great grandson of George Eyster Senseney and is a printmaker, photographer and artist. His work can be viewed at

James is the husband of the great granddaughter of George Eyster Senseney and is a photographer, artist and web designer. His work can be viewed at